It is with a sad heart that we let you know that Yaralla Sports Club, Gladstone Golf Club and Yaralla Fitness Centre will close today at 12.00 midday as announced by the Prime Minister on Sunday 22nd March 2020.

Formerly (Queensland Alumina Sports Club) the club was formed in 1966 to organise sporting and social activities for QAL and it’s employees. Yaralla Sports Club has contributed millions of dollars towards community, sporting and social events since it’s inception 54 years ago and stands proud of it’s achievements as a community owned not for profit.

The closure will impact all services and facilities and despondently we have been forced to stand down our employees with no certain future.

We thank you for your support and with fingers crossed we hope to have the opportunity to resume operations in the future.

Best wishes to all.


All direct debit memberships will be suspended. However, Debit Success will have a high volume of suspensions to process, if you have a transaction this week, it will sit on your profile as a credit. If you have an up-front membership, we will extend your membership when we re-open.

Unfortunately, due to these new regulations, this will also affect our Lifestyle venues. Lifestyle will not be available until such time we can resume trading.