We are super pumped to announce that ASN Gladstone are now a part of our Lifestyle Package!

What does this mean for Lifestyle Package Members?

It means that once a month you can go down to see the team at ASN Gladstone for a free InBody 570 Scan.

How will this benefit you? 

The InBody 570 gives you all the relevant information that you require to precisely measure body composition on an ongoing basis. The InBody 570 is a highly effective, efficient and precise device which tests and provides in-depth results in less than two minutes.The machine measures body fat percentage, visceral fate, segmental lean analysis and calculates your BMI and BMR. 

The InBody 570 also allows you, your trainer or health care professional to regularly monitor levels of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development. You can use this as a great tool to track progress and make any relevant or necessary changes.

When is the best time to go for your scan? 

It is recommended not to exercise or consume any caffeine prior to your scan to receive the most accurate results. 

So what you waiting for Lifestyle members? Get on down to ASN Gladstone for your FREE monthly InBody Scan today!

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