Ellie Picking

“If I wasn’t in this competition I would’ve given up again. But I didn’t.”

Before this challenge I had just about given up on changing. I could barely remember what it was like to be fit and healthy, and even though I was playing a high intensity sport I just couldn’t get my head in the right space to control my food, especially my intense love of chocolate. My fitness itself was improving – I could play almost an entire game of Roller Derby, but the weight wasn’t moving and I was getting really angry with myself all the time. People tried to support me, but I had pretty much given up and socialising was beginning to become even harder than normal.

I joined the challenge, full of hesitation, as a last ditch effort to push myself. I thought that if I had to compete, and be trained and have someone else relying on me that I would commit. It’s been really hard, not the exercise – I love that, not even the food really. The food has taken effort but I’ve found things I like and can stick to. But in the first few weeks I simply wasn’t seeing the results everyone else was seeing. One week, I put on weight as well and was devastated. I wanted to lose big numbers!

I honestly think if I wasn’t in this competition I would’ve given up again. But I didn’t, and with Amy’s help and my teams support I started to look at the bigger picture. Now I’m hoping by the end of this week I’ll have lost at least 1/5 of the total amount I want to lose and that’s huge.

The challenge might be ending, but I’m going to keep going with exactly what I’m doing now and slowly but surely I’m certain that not only will I lose the weight, but I’ll be fit and stronger than ever before. When I turn 27 for the 4th time I won’t even remember the person I am now!