Jodie Morgan

Exercise is addictive! I’d never have believed it before.

What an amazing experience! I have learnt so much from the amazing, friendly and talented team at the Yaralla Fitness Centre. I’ve come from being the anxious individual sitting in my car of the carpark having to force myself into stepping into the gym, to now striding in with purpose, plans and goals. I did my best to try all the group classes on offer and whilst I may have been the unco one at the back flailing around they’ve always been great fun.

I didn’t set a weight loss goal for the challenge period but I’ve always had an overall goal. I’ve got a way to go yet so I have every intention of keeping it up. Exercise is addictive! I’d never have believed it before. I am very happy with my progress to date and proud that my commitment has been strong and I have steadily lost weight each week. More importantly for me though is that my fitness level and probably my health has improved to beyond anything I would have ever imagined in a relatively short time. It’s amazing the changes you can make in just 10 weeks.

If you’ve been thinking about making improvements to yourself don’t hold back. Just go for it, it’s never too late! Go and speak with the team at Yaralla. Thank you to everyone involved the YFC ladies, 4CC radio station and all the sponsors that kindly donated weekly prizes throughout the challenge to keep us motivated.

The Friday challenges were always entertaining and fun for everyone. The orange team and my fellow team mates in the blue team are a great bunch of people that have been terrific support and provided a form of therapy when we’d catch up every week.

Lastly, a huge thank you to my trainer Amy-Lee Parry. She’s been a tremendous support and motivator and I can’t thank her enough. My PT (Amy) really does rule!