Morgan Taylor

I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started getting more active and adventurous.

I never really felt like I was a big person unless I was looking into a mirror, or not fitting into clothes that previously fit comfortably or received that ‘loving’ comment from the local pig headed yelling bloke. So I never really let my size get to me. That was a bad thing. I got ‘comfortable’ sitting on the couch eating cookie dough on sunny days. Play the PlayStation instead of head to footy training. And in the end, when my career started to flourish and I caught myself in the mirror again, I started to panic. Food was my saviour.

I was depressed I let myself go as much I did yet I still really didn’t do much about it. I remember wanting to be thin and trying to get control of my eating but never staying motivated enough to stay on a diet. My need to eat always seemed to take over my desire to be thin. Something needed to be done. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I have experienced highs, lows, burpees and lunges but at the end of the day I always had a good time. Amy is an amazing motivator (especially at 6:30am session starts) and I couldn’t have asked for better support and comradery from both the Blue and Orange team members and trainers (Shout out to Lizzie, Tracey, Bec and Leah :P). Shane, Ellie, Jodie, Elissa, Robert, Brandie, Emma, Maddie and Damien all pushed, supported, boxed, danced, laughed and cried with me as we took on a challenge to better our lives. And the result so far, as our Smiling Assassin would say, is “Ripper Good”. The challenge days were always a hoot! Jamie and Cara definitely knew how to shout out for the competition. The videos were always great to reflect on to. Relive the idiocy and triumph of the day.

As with many weight loss stories, my challenge started off with a couple of fantastic results before plateauing in the middle and see-sawing at the back end. But overall, it has been a huge success for me. My biggest challenge was my mental state. I have a habit of creating some outrageously unobtainable goals, not reaching them and hating myself for it. I have high expectations and they usually disrupt my progress and send me back into my motivation-less eating frenzy. This time, I have not done that. Sure I had a few slip ups but my proudest moments were not letting them get in the way of the efforts I have put in. Remembering I am only human.

I stayed in my fitness mode and made healthier choices. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started getting more active and adventurous. I discovered that as long as I was eating healthy foods, being honest about what I really was eating and staying active, I was losing kilos. It was truly unbelievable to me.

I am now gaining more confidence in my body (most of the time) and in myself. Have many things to look forward to, including an entry into ‘True Grit’ on the 25th July. And I hope to continue to get better, fitter, healthier and happier throughout the rest of my life.

My journey may have started as a quest to be smaller but I will and have gained so much more then I have lost.