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Freelance Personal Trainers

Lisa Limpus

To BOOT Depression

I am a mum to two children. Two and a half years ago, after a 65kg weight loss and then a broken back, I became a Personal Trainer. I have a strong passion and belief that diet, exercise and vitamin D are the most underutilised antidepressant on the market.

As a Personal Trainer I take the word ‘personal’ seriously and plan training sessions to suit each person’s needs personally. I also do sports specific training to help my clients improve their game in any chosen sport. 

My moto is: “A strong and healthy mind will lead to a strong and healthy life.”

When our mind is happy and healthy we are more inclined to fuelling our bodies with healthier foods.

I love training and the feeling of accomplishment after a session. I enjoy being all-round fit, with a cardio and weight based training for myself. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore and I love working with others to find what they enjoy themselves.

Fitness for me is my sanity. It’s my time out, myself love, my passion and ‘MY TIME’ as a mum. 

The difference with To BOOT Depression Personal Training is that I don’t just do it because it’s my job, I do it because I have a passion in helping others and because I care.

Get in contact with me today and let’s get started!

0409 764 529

Stephanie Manitzky

Glow Health and Fitness

With a strong background in dancing and gymnastics, I developed an interest in health and fitness at a young age. As I reached my early adulthood, I learnt how to nourish and move my body in a way that made me feel confident. I felt the benefits from training in all areas of my life, and I fell in love with how good I felt physically and mentally.

My vision with Glow Health and Fitness is to educate and guide others who are on their own wellness journey. I have a strong passion in helping other women discover their own confidence, not only in the gym, but within their own health and fitness journey. I want to teach women that we are in control of our own mind and bodies and that we are more than capable of reaching whatever goals and desires we may have.

Training is not only a way to shape your body, but it is also allows you to feel strong and empowered. I am here to give you the tools that will help you grow and thrive, no matter what your goals may be.

Within Glow Health and Fitness, I will teach you how to work with your body, not against it. I specialise in weight training, including strength and conditioning training and I am qualified in sports nutrition.

For more information on coaching options, DM me through my social profiles or click the email link below.

Hannah Pearson

HMP Fitness

Almost 10 years ago I attended my first Boxfit Class and fell inlove with exercise. Since then I have continued on my own fitness journey and in 2018 I completed my Certificate 4 in Fitness. I am qualified in Pre and Post Natal and have kids of my own, I understand the changes that come with pregnancy and beyond. 

Why I love doing what I do? Being a Personal Trainer gives me the opportunity to work with clients that have a variety of goals, from losing weight to improving the quality of life and watching them transform into a better version of themselves both physically and mentally.

As a trainer, I am always looking at ways to add a little fun into sessions. Exercise is essential to live a happy healthy life but it doesn’t have to be boring! 

I am passionate about all things Health and Fitness and have always put trust in the process. There is no quick fixes – Consistency is the key!