Rob Kelly

“I have made many friends…their encouragement and support has helped me lose weight.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past ten weeks, having made many friends, with fellow contestants, instructors and people in the gym have made it a pleasure to train in, with their encouragement and support has helped me lose weight.

I enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn and either go to the gym or walk, jog around the duck ponds……I have been delighted at losing about 1.5 kilos a week…..roughly 15 kilos for the pass ten weeks including an overseas trip for 12 days and a three day holiday to Sydney but haven’t veered off the track to much……I honestly think that it has sunk in that it isn’t the training that I lack its the will power of what I can and can’t put in my mouth…….like the saying a minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips….lol.

This journey so far has encouraged me to continue after this ten week challenge to my ideal goal weight of around 90-95 kilos……around another 17 to 22 kilos to lose, I will even continue with personal training session after this challenge is finished as I feel its good to have someone pushing you for motivation.

Finally I would like to thank Lizzie, Tracey, Amy and all the other fitness trainers for their help, effort, guidance and support over the past ten weeks.