Shane McLeod

“What a ride this has been for me.”

What a ride this has been for me. From over 20 years of treating my body like a dodgy rental car and putting off what I knew had to be done to get back into a shape other than round, this experience has achieved everything I set out to do with it.

I’ve exceeded my goal weight loss of 10kgs, changed some really ordinary eating habits and dare I say it, enjoy the gym. It has hurt like hell at times, there has been much colourful language and there were days I literally could not move early in the challenge. But, with the awesome support, hard work and dedication of my trainer Amy – dubbed the Smiling Assassin, in the first week and it still applies, she’s definitely a sadist at heart – she has helped me make the changes I needed to make and whipped me into a new shape.

Being held accountable was a game changer for me so I really appreciate Amy pushing me. I’ve also met 9 other great friends on the same journey as me and the group support has been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch to do this with and am really proud to be a part of their life change in this.

All the Yaralla staff have been awesome with their support, as have Claire & Kristy from 4CC. Lastly, my fiancée Renel has been my home rock and kept me fed well and healthily the whole way through. We all know man pain is much worse than woman pain so she has put up with a lot. We’ve enjoyed doing a lot of exercise together and both feel better for it. Thanks Nelly.

So after the challenge finishes? I still want to lose another 5 – 8 kgs so I’ll be pushing on with my new lifestyle changes. I will be enjoying the odd beer though. I will continue with gym work and we’ve developed a sick liking for climbing Mt Larcom, so we’ve got plans to keep going.

Thanks to Yaralla, Amy & 4CC for the opportunity to make a life change. It’s one I intend to keep. Cheers.